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College and Pro football head coaches, please start understanding this simple thing when it comes to kicking, please

You guys have forgotten more about football that I will ever know. I get it. Even if Kicking is a high priority for you, you still spend less than 2 hours a week on it, I get that too. However, let me school you on something that may come in handy if you ever need 3 points.

The most similar thing in all of sport to kicking a field goal is a golf swing. Two basic principles are the same. The good ones draw or hook, not slice. It’s easier to hook or draw it than kick it straight or go left to right.

Starting with golf, if you almost always hit the ball from right to left, which side of the tee box do you want to tee it up? The correct answer is the left. You aim at the right side of the fairway. If you hit it straight, you end up in the right fairway. If you hit it with a slight draw, it’s right down the middle. If you hook it, you end up in the left fairway. IT’S THE EXACT SAME FOR KICKER!

Follow me, it’s not hard. Soccer style kickers tend to hook the ball. If they are on the left hash, and aim for a few feet inside the right goal post, it’s the money shot. Keep it straight or drift it a little bit, WIN. Draw it like you are trying to do, DEAD CENTER WIN!. Hook it, WIN, and especially sweet win if it hits the inside of the left goal post and bounces in!

So please, please, if you have third and 7 and you are driving down by 3, with 1 minute left, I get you want to try for the first down and the win. But, please, if you want to factor in a field goal try for the tie, finish the play on the left side of the field. It’s so much easier for a right footed kicker.