ESPN Still Sucks

So it’s been a good few years for me as a fan of Ohio sports. Maybe this took the edge off my fandom. I also haven’t been paying as much attention to sports, as real life has been taking a lot more of my time. In any case, my hatred for ESPN has diminished. I am sure a big part of that is that I haven’t been watching ESPN, as it turns out.

It’s college football season, by far my favorite time of the year. The first college game day was today. I tuned in, ready for insight into the teams, who returns what, and where they all should place. I got a little of that. I got an interesting segment about Harbaugh that I enjoyed. I also got a discussion on scenarios of two teams from the same conference ending up in the playoffs. Are you fucking kidding me? Most sane people will say you shouldn’t have rankings in college football until after September. Now we are discussing playoff scenarios before a game has been played. WOW.

Aside from it being dumb because of the timing, it’s also dumb because I don’t think it’s going to happen. The committee has shown they care about your record, who you beat, and whether or not you won your conference. Basically, the debate for them is which conference to leave out. Ohio State was defending national champs, with only 1 loss on a last second field goal to a playoff team. It’s not just that they didn’t get in, it’s that it wasn’t even suggested. Oh, and a 2 loss Stanford team finished ahead of Ohio State, even though Ohio State destroyed ND in their bowl game. The ONLY scenario I see 2 teams from the same conference getting in is if you have 2 power 5 conference champs with 3 losses, AND no viable non power 5 team. This most likely will only occur if there are 2 upsets during conference championship weekend. So can we talk about much more relevant stuff?


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