I Need a New Team, So I am Now a…

I love my Buckeyes, but that’s just one game a week during the season. And let’s face it, if the Bucks are contenders for a Big Ten title, that’s really only 4 or 5 games all season. If they are national title contenders, it’s really only 2 or 3 games until the playoffs. That’s just not enough football. They are still my favorite team, but I need a little sompten sompten on the side. I love the Browns, and really like the Bengals. The Browns are a disappointment waiting to happen. The Bengals have potential, so I will watch some of both their games. But there are a few problems with them being my football concubine. I love college football, and watch it pretty much all day Saturday. I am a family man. Watching 4 hours, or more, of football on Sundays just isn’t going to fly. Call me whipped if you must. Another problem is these guys make so much money. Now I don’t count another man’s money, and I am probably one of the few “normal” people that are glad they make it. But it also makes the game about money. Guys change teams for contracts, they retire for health reasons instead of dying on the field and a boat load of other things I don’t particularly care for. Concussion sonsmussion, if these guys can’t tie their own shoes at 40, it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make. As I watch the game on TV from the safety of my living room, but not too close. Don’t want to damage the eyes.

Political Statement Incoming.

(Skip if you like to keep your politics and entertainment separate. I usually do, but I want to get this off my chest and it is relevant to why I picked another college team to root for.)

     Because I like to keep my politics and sports separate, these anthem protests are a little stomach turning. There is a time and place and a need to discuss police brutality and past oppression and current racism in this country. During our national anthem probably isn’t it. Our national anthem on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks certainly isn’t it, and only shows the selfishness of these millionaires and discredits the movement. I fully understand blacks were oppressed in this country, and we still have gains to make in regards to that. They(being certain players and activists, not black people) seem to think they have a patent on suffering, and slavery and everything victim. We all know this person, and we avoid them. “Hey, I had a bad day.” and before you describe anything that happens, they jump in with how they had a worse day. Your lung cancer isn’t near as bad as their eczema. Do you have any idea how much that stuff itches?

See, I went all political on a sports blog. I hate that. Separation of Church and State is a good thing. Separation of politics and sports should be equally a focus of our Constitution. Sure, college kids might even be more likely to make a political statement, but I can forgive it, because they are just kids. Getting F’ed by a system that lets college coaches be millionaire pros but God forbid a kid sells his own jersey. Another rant, another day.

And the Lucky Winner of My Fandom Is…

      I know there are a lot of people that root for their entire conference. I do that too, but with limits. It is VERY easy for me to root for Wisconsin one week(take that, LSU!) and then root for them to get beat by 500 the next week.(Their fans put batteries in marshmallows and throw them at opposing teams trying to take them out of the game). I want a team I can show real loyalty too. I thought about picking a d1aa team, I am sorry, I mean FCS team, but there aren’t any around here that I have any ties too. D2 and D3, the same thing. So I decided on a MAC team. Which MAC team was a little bit of debate.

     OU isn’t a far trip, just straight down 33. I know quite a few people that went there. I know nothing about their football team, however, other than Solich coaches there. At least I think he does. I do know he kinda got F’ed by Nebraska, and for certain he did coach at OU, but I can’t honestly say he still does. I know a few people from Bowling Green, too. A kid I grew up with actually made the top 10 plays of the week on ESPN while playing for them. Keylan Cates did a little fliparoo while scoring a touchdown. I just looked his stats up and he ended his career there with over 1800 yards. Nice. They also have the same color scheme as the Browns. Nice. Very “Ohio Football”. But I didn’t pick them.

     I went with the Toledo Rockets. The biggest reason is I always rooted for them to win, even if I wasn’t a fan. My uncle played there back before I was born. My father taught me about Chuck Ealey, when I was a young lad. Not because he was a great football player(he was) but because he was an oppressed black man. Denied opportunities based solely on his race. Who does that benefit? Someone that fails at a job he isn’t qualified for? Fuck, I went all politics again, my bad, back to football.

TLDR; Toledo is now my team on the side! I missed their first game, so my next blog post will be about their second game against Maine.


One thought on “I Need a New Team, So I am Now a…

  1. Tim Hash

    There are way too many topics to be addressed in this blog so I will start with two.
    #1. Mount Union is the best football program.

    #2. Youngstown state.

    These 2 programs epitomizes what a program should be.

    Secondly, I am ok with paying collegiate athletes but they must pay their own tuition and other associated fees.

    Playing at the highest collegiate levels is a gift, (scholarship), that needs more introspective. NCAA needs to to redefine their requirements of the athletes and recruiting rules of the universities.



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