The Refs Blew the Oklahoma State game, and I am glad

I am not a fan of Central Michigan, nor do I drink haterade for Oklahoma State. I was happy CMU won, only because I almost always root for underdogs, if no pony in the race. I feel bad for the refs, because they know they goofed and feel terrible, probably. But I have a really good reason for being glad they blew it, and that’s because the rule is a terrible rule. Hopefully the rules committee will discuss it at the end of the season. You should not be able to win a game on an intentional penalty. Cheaters never prosper, or so we are told as kids. In any sporting environment, that should be the focus of the rules committee.

Mac Brown admitted to teaching his players to cheat. He didn’t word it like that, but that is what he was saying, and under the current rules, he is 100% correct. It’s 4th and long, his team is up and has the ball deep in their own territory. There are only 10 ticks on the clock. You can do a punt, which is potentially blocked(ask Michigan), you can do a run that gives the other team the ball, or you can do what he taught his players. And the correct play under the current rules. Call a pass, hold the ball as long as you can, and then throw it as high as you can out of bounds. Intentional grounding call? Who cares, just don’t do it in the end zone. As long as time expires, the game is over. On a play you intentionally cheated. Bad rule. Heck, you could even have a specialty package for when you are around the 50. Put your fasted guy in the shotgun, have him run backwards 40 yards, turn and toss the ball a foot in front of him. You could probably run 15 seconds off the clock that way. I don’t want to see a close game end that way anymore than I want to see a 3 point basketball game end with an intentional foul forcing a player to take 2 free throws. Intentional fouls should be 3 free throws in that situation. Don’t reward bad behavior, I.E intentional fouls. It’s not sports, it’s loop holes.


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