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      Dafuq Did LSU Do?

     So LSU pulled the trigger. They have been teasing us with it for some time. The trigger was pulled and a guy that won 77% of his games and a national title at LSU was canned. No, not Nick Saban, the OTHER guy that won 77% of his games and a national title at LSU, Les Miles. So why would LSU fire Les Miles, you would ask? Because of expectations, silly. This is a program that won 62% of their games and zero national titles in the 40 years before Saban and Miles. Yes, I know Miles had slipped a bit in recent seasons. Bear Bryant went 12-10-1 in a two year stretch at Bama. Before that, he went 16-5-1. I wasn’t alive then, but I am sure some people were grumbling that he lost it at that point. All he did was win 3 national titles in the next 9 years. The Bear also went 8 years without a bowl win. You know who lost 7 bowl games in a row? Tom Osborne right before he went 60-3 and won 3 national titles in 5 years. Speaking of Nebraska, they fired a coach that won 75% of their games and played for a national title, because they “didn’t want to gravitate toward mediocrity.” Well, in the 13 seasons since, they have lost at least 4 games every year. That’s pretty fucking mediocre.

LSU has a &^*%ing Plan!

     LSU dropped their coach 4 games into the season, after two close losses and a couple of wins. Why did they drop a coach midway through the season, a rarity in college football? Because they could promote their defensive line coach, a guy with previous SEC West experience. He has THREE wins in 24 games, you just can’t pass up talent like that! Or, a much more likely option, is they have a guy in mind. Oklahoma, Texas and USC all could be wanting a new coach at the end of the year.(Not sold on Texas just yet). Does getting rid of Miles now give them an edge for the guy that is likely number 1 on their list, Tom Herman? The guy is in Mensa, he knows exactly where his stock is, and he is in the middle of a potential playoff season. I don’t think the bright lights of Baton Rouge are going to sway him to rush to a decision. So what’s their plan B?

There Are No %&*^ing Guarantees in Life

     So if Tom doesn’t work out, there is no consensus number 2 guy. If they don’t get him, then you have factions in the boosters trying to get “their” guy as the next coach. This can KILL a program. When one guy is selected, the boosters backing the other guys get a case of the butthurtitis. Any mistake the new coach makes, and they pounce and say “I told you so.” It doesn’t even have to be a loss, it can be not covering a couple of spreads in a row. Some of the best programs have slipped into this mess. Michigan with Rich Rod, Texas since Mack Brown, and 20 years before Mack Brown, and so on. I don’t want that to happen. I think college football is better when LSU is a contender. Unfortunately, I think that EXACTLY what is going to happen. Because history tells me winning 77% of your games at LSU, a national title and playing for another is pretty darn good. The next guy is more likely to win 62% of his games, and not play for a title.


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