I Am Glad Colin Kaepernick Sat For The National Anthem

Politics, YAY

     Generally I can’t stand politics in the sports section. But this issue has been going on for a long time, and it’s something that I have given a great deal of thought to. Of course that issue is race relations in America. Specifically white and black relations. I went to a school that had a 50/50 ratio in white to black students. There were a smattering of Hispanics and Asians, but I would guess it totaled less than 5%. Most were from similar economic backgrounds, in the Upper Low Class to Lower Middle Class range. Some were from mostly black or mostly white neighborhoods, but most were from mixed neighborhoods. This led to a lot of interesting discussions, and generally racial harmony. I think it was very important that one race or the other didn’t have too big of an edge. At any point, half of my friends were the other race. We had many great discussions about race relations then, in the late 80s early 90s, and many are still relevant now.


I am a white supremacist

     There is a very good, and very logical reason why I am a white supremacist. It’s because I am white. But to understand why is to understand what it means to be white. Obviously a lack of pigment in the skin isn’t entirely it. No one considers an albino from Africa white. It’s a culture. Specifically a European culture. I think white culture is the best culture, because that’s the culture I was raised in. Think of it like this. What’s the best Lasagna or Fried Chicken? Most people will say their mom’s. One reason, because they love their mother. The other is because that’s how it’s supposed to taste to them. It’s the basis with which they make all their judgement’s on other versions.

     If you are black, I expect you to be a black supremacist. I expect you think black culture is normal, and that’s what you base your judgement’s and opinions of other cultures on. I am 100% ok with that. Now let me clarify at this point, when I say I am a white supremacist, it means that white culture is the culture I prefer, and it has NOTHING to do with the color of your skin. It doesn’t mean I think whites are better than blacks, or anyone else, culture, or color. I don’t believe they deserve more credit than anyone else, are smarter, or deserve more of our resources, per person. It also doesn’t mean I don’t want my culture to evolve. I like borrowing or appropriating from other cultures. If there is a Chinese or African dish that tastes delicious, I am going to eat it. Same with music, fashion or anything else. On the flip side, if I walked into an African restaurant, and looked at the menu, and saw German chocolate cake, it wouldn’t dawn on me to be upset. In fact, I would be happy they enjoyed it. In a musical sense, it’s never dawned on me to be upset when an Asian or Black is playing a Brahm’s piece. In fact, if they do it best, that’s the version I will listen to. So I don’t get this buzz of blacks complaining about “whites appropriating black culture” and then using it in similar circumstances. Complain all day about a particular white person STEALING a song and calling it his own. Complain all day if some white guy says that white people invented blues music. However, don’t complain about appropriation if you appropriate white stuff on a daily basis or that makes you a hypocrite. And hypocrites aren’t going to solve the race problem in America. You can’t have diversity without appropriation. Now if you are advocating a separation of whites and blacks, there are plenty of people of both colors that you can talk to about that. I am not one of them.

It’s a black thing, I kinda understand

     My black friends used to say it to me all the time. “It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand.” It used to infuriate me. I am a reasonably intelligent guy, with an open mind, explain it to me. And they would just laugh, and say things like, “Naw, he wouldn’t get it.” The truth is, I do kind of understand what it’s like to be black in America. I have been pulled over with my friends just because we were 3 black guys and the token white guy in the car. I have been followed by mall security, even though we were being well behaved and had money in our pockets. I have also had a gun pulled on me while committing a minor traffic offense. Someone once was trying to explain to me what it was like being black, and he said, “Do you know how you feel when you walk into a room full of black people, that’s how I feel every day when I walk into a bank or the grocery store.” And that really hit home for me, because I know the wide range of emotions that I went through, depending on my state of mind and the particular people in the room. But I don’t actually understand what it’s like to be black in America, because I am not. I do understand a lot of the complaints. Again, on the flip side, I don’t think black people can truly appreciate what it’s like to be white in America.

Stop yelling at me

     I understand I don’t know what it’s like to be black, because I have had this discussion many times. While I argued against it at the time, they changed my mind. Kinda get it, yes. Get it, no. And when going back and forth on our collective experiences, I can’t tell you how many times one of my black friends has said, “You don’t know what it’s like to be a slave.” It got to the point, “Neither do you” would leave my mouth before they finished the sentence. You know what else I don’t know what it’s like to be, a slave owner. Never actually owned one. Neither has my father. Or my Grandfathers. Or their fathers. And so on. Even if they did, any money earned from that is long gone. Everything I own, I earned. Just like my father. I do benefit from being an American, and thus I do benefit from the slave culture of years gone by. But without getting too much into the history and what it meant, because that’s an entire book, so does Colin Kaepernick. Maybe to a lesser degree, because he is black, but he does benefit. We’ll get back to him. Back to the point I was trying to make. If you are black, don’t blame me for slavery, or I get to blame you for every crime a black person commits in this day and age. And that will get us no where. What you can make a legitimate argument for is how much tougher that black Americans have it than their white counterparts.

Two Solutions are Better than One

     Even some of the most racist white people admit that blacks have it worse in this country. Their solution might be to kill off the black people, or ship them back to Africa, even those these people have never actually been to Africa. The semi racist white people, you know the, “I don’t mind black people but I hate niggers” crowd, will say black people need to work hard, not have babies out of wedlock, and don’t commit crimes. As sad as it is, they are kind of right. If any individual black person does these three things, in this day and age, they are most likely going to be successful. They will be given jobs if that’s what they want. Their business will be successful in most places if that’s the route they want to go, and their children will most likely pass it on to their children.

     I know all the demographics and stats, but that doesn’t mean much to individual situations and doesn’t tell the whole picture, so I rarely use them. There are a couple that I think are important here. The poverty rate of white people in the country is 10%. 26% for blacks. On the surface, it shows just how racist America is. But if you dig just one level deeper, the poverty rate for married couples is 6%, and single mothers is 30%. Currently, 25% of black women are never married at the age of 35, vs 6% compared to their white counterpart. See how close those statistics are? Prior to 1960, black women were more likely to be married. The shift happened the same time that the civil rights movement happened, so it created this weird little dynamic. In 1940, if you were black, good luck finding a good job. Sure there were some, but it was a terrible situation, and many blacks were in poverty because of it. And don’t even dream of going to a “real” college. Then, as the civil rights movement changed the dynamic of black opportunities, a variety of reasons caused them to not get married. And as a result of that, so many were born and raised in poverty. If you were born poor, in say, 1987, and your father was poor, and your grandfather was poor and so on, it would be pretty easy to say you were born poor because you were black. I understand taking personal accountability out of the equation, us Americans are fantastic at it. But it doesn’t paint the entire picture. There are some things going on in the black community, that the black community alone can change, that would help their situation.

    But my over developed sense of right and wrong can’t just leave it at “work harder, black people!”. I am not 100% sure of the statistic, but I am going to be close. I read it in an article from a black professor from an Ivy League school. If anyone wants to correct the stat, give credit to who came up with it, and where the article appeared, awesome. I don’t have it. But anyway, the stat was something like 26% of white households make 200k or more, and 22% of black households do. Now this stat shows you can be successful in America as a black, but it also shows we have work to do, because I know blacks aren’t dumber and lazier to account for that gap.(Also even though the gap is only 4%, understand that more black people live in cities where the cost of living is higher, and thus the actual gap of “rich” between the two favors white people even more. See, I do think this stuff through) I also know single moms aren’t the only reason we have such a large percentage of blacks in poverty compared to their white counter parts. Again, there are lot of rural whites that are technically below the poverty line but have decent lives, so that extremely large gap is even more extreme. So us white people, and America, need to do our part. That’s why I can live with affirmative action. I am against it, because it’s not an ideal solution, and actually tells black people they need help which can be understood to mean they are lesser than whites. I can live with programs that put black kids in college at a higher rate. And it’s working. Another stat, I am fairly certain the publication was “The Vox” but no idea the author or article,(again I would love it if someone could post the actual source) stated between whites and blacks, currently black women were the most likely to be enrolled in college. So it shows the programs are working. I am ok with more. What I am not ok with is reparations, and there are a slew of reasons why.

I deserve back pay for being a slave!

     I agree, but you weren’t a slave. Your ancestors were. I get that means the playing field isn’t level, and that’s why I am ok with providing more opportunities for blacks. But inflation is good. It causes money made in say, 1865, to be virtually worthless today. If a dollar in 1865 was worth a dollar today, there would be like 5 rich families and an entire nation of effectively slaves. This isn’t economics class, so just take my word for it. There are plenty of families that were rich then that are poor now, and vice versa. It’s not fair to take money from someone that has worked his ass off and just give it to someone that hasn’t worked in a decade, by choice. Plus, let’s say each black person was given 10k and that was that. We shut off all the programs and everything else in place to help blacks in this country. It’s my belief that blacks would be worse off in no time. No more black women being more likely to be in college. So how do we right a wrong from 150 years ago? The simple answer is we don’t. There are 300 million Americans. There is no way to tell which individual benefited the most from slavery, and who didn’t. There are blacks that owned slaves, and there were white slaves from places like Cuba that emigrated here. If it really bothers you, take all this reparation money and buy the freedom of the slaves that are still in Africa to this day. Don’t just give them freedom, but pay for their transfer to America. Pay for an education, and set them up to succeed. We could be the nation that helps slaves. That would certainly wash some of the blood of our hands. Helping actual slaves? Brilliant! I also have another great idea for that money, and I will get to that shortly.

Black lives matter!

      Of course they do. I also understand how mad black people get when people say, “All lives matter”. But at the same time, of course they do. I personally would have chosen, “Black lives matter, too” or “Why don’t black lives matter?” as the slogan, but I am getting off topic. The topic is how the police, the justice system, and society as a whole treat black Americans. And there is some good in it, and a lot of terrible. But this is where I splinter off from a lot of the BLM movement. The BLM picked a dozen or 2 cases, out of 40 million black people, where the police shot them while being unarmed, or surrendering while armed or turning with a gun, while armed. Out of those, I can remember 4 or 5 where I was appalled, another couple where I was mildly upset, and 1 or 2 where I kinda didn’t care. The rest, I was glad the guy got shot. The bigger problem is when a cop pulls a black guy over, and immediately starts with the attitude. It’s a problem for white people, too. But not on the same scale. Cops don’t live in a vacuum and some of this is the result of years of oppression that the current cop and the current black person had no control over. The solution to this is more black officers, and more community involvement in their own policing. And of course, better trained and screened officers. This costs money, and I am ok with that.

     Where BLM is completely wrong is on the biggest problem with the police, the justice system, and society at large in their treatment of black people. And just as big of a factor is, in fact, black people. And that’s how we treat black criminals. The biggest oppressor of black people in this country today is black criminals. They murder more, steal more and cause more black people to lose opportunities than any other single entity. As I said, I went to an inner city school. What I didn’t mention before is that I went to a suburban before that. So I know the difference first hand. We didn’t have as nice of a building in the city, our computers and text books were older, but the teachers were about the same. What caused the large gap in what we learned was the students themselves. They lacked discipline. They caused disruption and they argued with teachers. They even set the school on fire. It wasn’t all the students. It wasn’t most of the students, but it was the FCA. The future criminals of America. The public school system didn’t have a good way of separating them from the rest of us, and our society doesn’t, either. That’s the largest factor in the appalling graduation rates for black students. This is coming from a white student that didn’t graduate. I was on track to graduate at the suburban school. I am not blaming it all on the situation. I certainly could have graduated if I worked harder, but they made it so easy to not care. To get frustrated and give up.

     This same policy of light weight punishment and no real plan of what to do with these criminals is what is killing the black neighborhoods. Shoot someone, get life. Shoot someone in a shitty neighborhood, get 10 years, or less. What’s this person going to do when he gets out? Shoot more people. Why wouldn’t they? They didn’t have to learn a skill in prison, prove they could hold a job, or learn life skills. They just had to sit in a cage and wait. Who the fuck came up with this? Do black lives matter? Prove it to the idiots that are the number 1 factor in ruining for the rest of them. I am ok with saying for the next 40 years, there is a black auxiliary justice system. When the victim and the criminal are black, this black system can be the police, the judge and the jury. If you can’t trust your own people, who can you trust? The victim, or the victim’s family gets to choose if they enter this program, or the current justice system. I believe that will help end crime in black neighborhoods, and gives us time to figure out how to integrate it into the system everyone else has. This is where the reparation money needs to go. Also, we need an exit strategy. If a black commits a crime and it’s determined that he should be released from prison, then let’s have an exit strategy. Let’s make sure he knows why he should have a job, how to have a job, and how to live in his own house. How to pay his own bills, and actually enjoy his own life. Oh, and most importantly, let’s give some money to the number one victim of black criminals, black people.

Positive reinforcement works!

     It’s not 1860. It’s not even 1960. This country has made HUGE strides in racial equality. I rarely, if ever, hear a black advocate say it. It’s just more attacks on what white people are doing wrong. I understand “we” aren’t there yet. But at the same time, “we” aren’t the same “we” from 1860, and most of us weren’t born in 1960. There are two groups of people that are to blame for this. The vast majority of black and white people which are working together, being friends, and getting married to each other that don’t really bother to mention it, because it’s not a big deal to us. And the blacks and whites that look at everything solely through their own colored glasses. These people look at history, and score every wrong done to “them” and never give enough credit to “those”. Their warped vision causes them to think a black slave in America is worse than a genocide in Turkey, or the rape of Nanking in China. So they say dumb things like, “America is the most racist country on earth.” It’s clearly not. Is there a Chinese president in Japan, or a Greek president in Turkey? Want diversity, I wouldn’t look at too many other country’s congress. Let’s focus more on the “we” that includes black and white Americans. Because that’s who “we” are.

    That brings us back to Kaep. First, if you have millions of dollars as a person of color, don’t expect the 20 million white Americans that live below the poverty line to have any fucking clue what you are talking about when you say how racist the country is. Second, don’t say, “I can’t sit by while this is happening” and then do exactly that. What exactly are you doing to solve the race problem in America? Sitting? To quote the greatest commercial ever, “That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works!” Give us a real solution. Don’t just sit there and bitch. That’s a bitch in white culture. Someone who sits and does nothing to really solve the problem. To me, that’s worse than sucking a dick in prison to not get beat up. One is just a cock sucker. The other causes more problems than he is worth.

Stay seated, Mr Kaepernick

     So when the anthem of this great nation, who has come so far in the very race relations he is complaining about is playing,  I’ll stand, thank you very much. I’ll stand for all the whites that sacrificed themselves to make it the country it is today, regardless of their mistakes. I’ll stand for the blacks that have sacrificed so much to make this country great. I’ll stand for great country it was, the better country it is today, and the even better country it will be tomorrow. I’ll stand next to my black brothers and sisters that want to make this country even greater, and will make real sacrifices to keep this country the greatest, and will not play the blame game. I’ll stay positive. I try love and discourage hate. I’ll stand with people that offer real solutions, and positive hope for the future. So go ahead, Kaep, take a seat. Unless you really want to stand up. Then I’ll stand with you, brother.


ESPN Still Sucks

So it’s been a good few years for me as a fan of Ohio sports. Maybe this took the edge off my fandom. I also haven’t been paying as much attention to sports, as real life has been taking a lot more of my time. In any case, my hatred for ESPN has diminished. I am sure a big part of that is that I haven’t been watching ESPN, as it turns out.

It’s college football season, by far my favorite time of the year. The first college game day was today. I tuned in, ready for insight into the teams, who returns what, and where they all should place. I got a little of that. I got an interesting segment about Harbaugh that I enjoyed. I also got a discussion on scenarios of two teams from the same conference ending up in the playoffs. Are you fucking kidding me? Most sane people will say you shouldn’t have rankings in college football until after September. Now we are discussing playoff scenarios before a game has been played. WOW.

Aside from it being dumb because of the timing, it’s also dumb because I don’t think it’s going to happen. The committee has shown they care about your record, who you beat, and whether or not you won your conference. Basically, the debate for them is which conference to leave out. Ohio State was defending national champs, with only 1 loss on a last second field goal to a playoff team. It’s not just that they didn’t get in, it’s that it wasn’t even suggested. Oh, and a 2 loss Stanford team finished ahead of Ohio State, even though Ohio State destroyed ND in their bowl game. The ONLY scenario I see 2 teams from the same conference getting in is if you have 2 power 5 conference champs with 3 losses, AND no viable non power 5 team. This most likely will only occur if there are 2 upsets during conference championship weekend. So can we talk about much more relevant stuff?

College and Pro football head coaches, please start understanding this simple thing when it comes to kicking, please

You guys have forgotten more about football that I will ever know. I get it. Even if Kicking is a high priority for you, you still spend less than 2 hours a week on it, I get that too. However, let me school you on something that may come in handy if you ever need 3 points.

The most similar thing in all of sport to kicking a field goal is a golf swing. Two basic principles are the same. The good ones draw or hook, not slice. It’s easier to hook or draw it than kick it straight or go left to right.

Starting with golf, if you almost always hit the ball from right to left, which side of the tee box do you want to tee it up? The correct answer is the left. You aim at the right side of the fairway. If you hit it straight, you end up in the right fairway. If you hit it with a slight draw, it’s right down the middle. If you hook it, you end up in the left fairway. IT’S THE EXACT SAME FOR KICKER!

Follow me, it’s not hard. Soccer style kickers tend to hook the ball. If they are on the left hash, and aim for a few feet inside the right goal post, it’s the money shot. Keep it straight or drift it a little bit, WIN. Draw it like you are trying to do, DEAD CENTER WIN!. Hook it, WIN, and especially sweet win if it hits the inside of the left goal post and bounces in!

So please, please, if you have third and 7 and you are driving down by 3, with 1 minute left, I get you want to try for the first down and the win. But, please, if you want to factor in a field goal try for the tie, finish the play on the left side of the field. It’s so much easier for a right footed kicker.

Semi Biased Rankings for College Football Week 4

Which is better than most, which are either completely biased, or dumb, or both.

The Tier 1 schools

In an ideal world, this would be the 4 playoff teams. There hasn’t been enough separation this season, however. So I am going to include the teams that I would have in the playoffs right now, and the ones that I think will be in the playoffs at years end.

In right now, Utah. They have 2 wins against teams that will be ranked at the end of the season.

Notre Dame. They look more athletic than they have in decades. The committee takes injuries into account, and ND has been hammered by them.

Michigan State would make the list because of the Oregon win, and I have watched them several times now. The scores don’t show how dominating this team can be. When their emotions are up, they are the best team I have watched this season.

Ole’ Miss would get a spot without a doubt, and that’s why I needed to include a few teams I think will be in the playoffs in this tier. I give Michigan a better chance to make the playoffs than Ole’ Miss. And yes, I am being serious. And no, I don’t have Michigan in this tier. Or the next.

Ohio State, based more on last year than this. I could tell you NIU won 57 games in the previous 5 years, and that Virginia Tech probably would have beaten ECU with Brewer, but that isn’t really the point. OSU’s defense is the real deal this season, and their offense is loaded with potential. In the old poll system, I would still have Ohio State number 1.

Baylor is here because I think they will win the Big 12 this year, and the Big 12 has a really good shot at a spot this season.

The last spot was a tough call for me. There is a 99.9999% chance the SEC winner gets into the playoffs. I think the SEC winner will be either Georgia or Alabama. I went with Georgia because they are undefeated, and decided to keep the top tier undefeated at this point.


Tier Two Schools

I debated about putting LSU in here, and decided to keep them out. Their offense is too one dimensional, and I am not sold on their defense just yet. I am putting UCLA in here, but only because everyone else seems to think they are good. They are one of the few top 25 teams I haven’t watched this season.

Bama is still a title contender. Every other article out there is about the end of their dynasty. I see a team that still needs to fix their secondary(what really cost them the title last season) and their QB situation. Saban and company are more than capable of doing that.

I really don’t want to put any team in the 10th spot, so I wont. The next tier will have 9 spots instead of 8.

Tier Three School

TCU is here. “How can you have TCU this low?”, many will scream. (if many ever actually read this). They gave up 89 points in 2 games against unranked teams. I get Tech will probably be ranked soon enough. I also get there are 59 teams that haven’t given up 89 points all season. It’s still early, but I am going to keep TCU out of any kind of playoff discussion with those problems on defense.

LSU is probably the best almost contender out there. Lenard is a freaking beast. The rest of the team, well, the jury is still out. The defense looks talented, but takes plays off. Shocking for a Les Miles defense, I know. The offense is completely one dimensional. Shocking for a Les Miles offense, I know. The thing about the grass eating Les Miles is, his system works. Under Miles, LSU is tied for 3 for most years finishing the season ranked, 4th in top 10s and 6th in top 5s. Oh, and he has a title. The QB shows promise. He made some really big throws against Syracuse. We’ll see what the season holds. They would be, by far, the least shocking of this tier to climb into the contender ranks.

You know who everyone was talking about all off season? Michigan. Then they lost to Utah and no one is really talking about them. Well, that sloppy loss to Utah is looking better and better. And even though they aren’t putting up 80 points, they are completely dominating their opponents. This Michigan squad is looking like the real deal. I fully expect them to be title contenders next season. If you look at their schedule, this season still isn’t out of the picture. They get the number 1 and number 2 team in the country at home. They also get a plucky Northwestern team to boost their rankings. Stranger things have happened, like Ohio State losing to Tech at home last season and winning it all.

I watched FSU this year and wasn’t impressed. I haven’t seen Clemson, the only other top 20 team I haven’t watched this season to go along with UCLA, but I have seen Louisville several times, and beating them by 3 isn’t good. It’s early, and both are undefeated and were pretty good the last few years. They might climb into the rank of title contenders, but I can’t put either of them there yet.

Duke and Stanford are impressive wins. But I am going to need to see more than that before I consider Northwestern a contender. A close win against Ball State after those wins isn’t enough for me to say they aren’t. They could be a Cinderella story of all time this season. But probably not.

Oklahoma is quietly climbing the rankings. A win against WVU could be the turning point in making them contenders again.

Stanford lost a game early to a hard nosed Northwestern team that it may have overestimated. USC lost a game early to a hard nosed Stanford team that it may have overestimated. Both are still very good teams that could be the Pac 12 champ, which would mean a likely playoff birth.

That’s my new fangled rankings for week four of the 2015 season. I am not bothering with the lower tier just yet, because that’s a lot of work. And I haven’t seen enough of all the teams yet to make an educated guess.

With The New Playoffs, There Should Be a New Ranking System

They changed the way they crown a champion, so it makes sense to change the way we rank teams. We saw with the 4 team playoff that 4 can be better than 1. We always knew that, but the rankings seem to hold some special bond over people, and they need to see it to believe it. I think we should rank teams in a tier based system, since we can’t know if 1 is better than 4 after an entire season, let alone the first week. Beating number 11 really shouldn’t hold more weight than beating 15, and beating 25 really is no better than beating 35.

So I am going to start doing my weekly ranking. First tier is teams that I would put in the playoff if we had to get it done today. None of these will be in any particular order. After week 10 I will seed the playoff teams, and rank the second tier, which is teams that are waiting to grab an open slot in the playoffs. This will consist of 6 teams. Next is the 8 teams that are really good, but just not in the playoff discussion at this time. The following tier will be 22 teams that I think pretty good, decent or solid. All about the same thing once you get down this far. Catch a team like this on a good day, and you might be in trouble. Catch them on a bad day, and you might trounce them. After that, I don’t care. I might throw in an honorable mention if I see something in a team. Maybe they are 4-4 but won 4 in a row and beat a good team in there. Maybe they got a starting QB back from injury and are a different team than they were the previous 4 weeks.

Something else I am going to do with my ranking system is quantify what value I place on potential, and what happened on the field. It’s pretty simple and straight forward. Week 1 is all about potential since there is nothing settled on the field. Week 2 is 1 part on the field, and 13 parts potential. It’s pretty easy to figure out the rest. By week 14, I don’t care if you have 22 first round picks, if you lost 2 games, you lost 2 games. A 1 loss team with a similar schedule is getting into the playoffs with no draft picks.

So after week 1 of the 2015 college football season, here are my rankings.

  • My week 1 playoff would be

Ohio State and Alabama, no shockers there. The other two are Baylor and Michigan State. I will explain the other two. Baylor looked better than anyone else on the potential list in week one. Oregon and Michigan State were both peeking ahead, so I gave them both a little bit of a pass. I put Michigan State ahead of Oregon because MSU has their starting QB back. I was not impressed with Auburn at all. Everyone told me they were going to be sweet because they had the second coming of Cam Newton. That kid looking like complete crap didn’t deter me. When Auburn won it with Newton, they struggled early. The kid will probably be fine. Louisville could run up the middle when needed. That, if you are an Auburn fan, should scare you. That generally doesn’t get fixed with a few more reps. We will see. They are obviously in my next tier.

  • The teams knocking on the door.

Auburn is there, because they do have some parts of their team that look really good, and it’s only week one. Their “problems” could just be a week 1 thing. Oregon is there for the same reasons. Neither impressed, but this is more about potential at this point in the season. I seriously thought about putting Notre Dame in the playoff. I know Texas looked bad, and wasn’t very good last season. But it still is Texas, a team always loaded with potential. Not only did ND look like the better team, but looked more athletic. Something ND has been lacking lately. They were one of the biggest movers in my mind. TCU is in this group. Minnesota can be tough at home, so I am not holding that close game against them too terribly much. They would probably be ranked 5 if I did that sort of thing. I wasn’t sold on Georgia to start the year. I am a huge fan of Mark Richt. I generally think of Georgia as knocking on the door that will eventually get answered. But the last few years, I haven’t been impressed with Georgia. I felt they were a team that was holding steady at that number 10-15 range, but not wowing. Well, this Chubb kid is a beast, but that was never the question. It’s their defense. Time will tell, but they looked more active than they have in a few years. USC is always loaded. Sark’s boozing could be something that rallies a loaded team. It could be something to destroy it. I don’t know, but I do know beating Arkansas St. isn’t a good measure of a team. Neither is Idaho. However if they beat Stanford, ASU, Washington, ND and Utah in 5 consecutive games, they will probably be on my playoff list.


I was going to rank the next 30 in two different tiers, but then I decided I want one more week of game action. I’ll be honest, I have been drinking. But more importantly, I didn’t read the entire roster of the next 30 teams, and I really don’t know their potential. I could go by on the field, but after week 1, that’s silly. Same for going by what they did last year. If we were were going to do it by just this season, I have two problems. One, we really don’t know how good their opponents are, and two, teams easily can be much better or worse in week two. By week 4 teams start to show their true identity. I promise I will have the next 30 ranked next week. I will do the required reading and have a better grasp of the potential of the mid tier Big 5 teams and mid major players. But then again, I have been drinking, so my promises don’t mean much. You might have to wait for week 6 for those rankings.

Why ESPN must be stopped

    My Biggest Beef With ESPN

It must be understood that I am a fan of ESPN. I use their product almost every day. As a sports fan for 30+ years, I have watched sports evolve, and ESPN evolve with them. The problem is that ESPN has shaped the evolution of sports to suit their needs. They are on 24 hours a day, now on three channels, so they need the sports fanatic to keep viewership up. Logically, they cater to these sports fanatics, which is fine. Except most people aren’t sports fanatics. They don’t want to watch their favorite team practice. They don’t care if the third string Quarterback on their rival team got a DUI. I love sports enough to write a blog about it. I still don’t watch my favorite team practice. I also don’t tune into ESPN at 3AM because I know that a particular sports personality(since they are no longer reporters) will paint my favorite team in the best light.

     On the eve of the first season with a division one college football playoff, let me explain how ESPN has helped shape college football, and why that is a bad thing. When I first started watching college football in 1981, there were 16 bowl games. 9 of them were decided by a touchdown or less. It was phenomenal. Every game seemed to mean something. The Big School playing the little school, the Yankee school playing the Southern school. The West Coast offensive juggernaut going against the Midwest defense. There was no national championship game that season. I know that sounds sacrilegious in today’s football. And that’s ESPN’s fault. College football isn’t nearly the same game I grew up watching, and that’s not cool.

A fool’s Errand

     To a rational thinking person, determining a champion for division 1 college football is not a possibility. 125 teams, and, at most 15 games per team. That means most teams play roughly 10% of the teams out there. So with that small of a sample size, how can you determine who can play in a 4 team playoff? In a sport where match-ups play such a significant role? And weather? And home field advantage? Throw in 22 and under kids that have good games and bad, and football teams that are different each and every week, and you can really tell who the best is? If the talking heads really knew that much about football, they wouldn’t be on ESPN, they would be putting 100k a week on college football games in Vegas. When I started watching college football, there was a debate at the end of the season on who was the best team. Did head to head matter? How about when you lost? Schedule? Injuries? Now it’s seen as a given that the two teams that play for the championship are the two best teams, and the winner of that one game is the champion. And how do you determine those two teams? A vote that includes the teams that are vying for those two spots. Ridiculous. Throw in some conference allegiance and regional bias and you have full on ludicrous.

     Fanatics are obsessed with being the best. They need a champion. As soon as the season is over, win or lose, they turn on ESPN, or tune in to the radio hoping one of the prognosticators will pick their favorite team to win the title. There are plenty of them, and with few exceptions all tend to pick different teams. Curious, since it’s so easy to pick the champion at the end of the year. And great for a station trying to fill programming on a 24 hour news cycle.  No title, no fanatic obsessively watching ESPN. So ESPN is determined to give them their champion, and sometimes to take them away. What better way to make more money off of college football than to prolong the “season” by making the champion really not the champion, because of scandal! But that’s another post for another day. Believe me I will get to it.

Where This Horrible Journey Ends

     There are some big money interests in college football that didn’t want to change their money making, so it took ESPN 30+ years to finally get a more definitive champion. As horrible as those bowl committees and such were, they stalled the inevitable, and that is a good thing. The future of college football is not bright. The model ESPN will be advocating more, now that the big bad bowls are on the way out, is the college basketball model. What better way to keep the fanatic’s interest 24/7 during the regular season than lesson the importance of the regular season? “It’s ok that you lost those games, you had injuries and weather and there was a blue moon, you are really going to be the champions in the 65 and a half team playoff! Now over to the other guy, to massage the ego of another fan base, and he is going to put your favorite team down, so you stay tuned in!”

     I love watching my favorite team. When we win, I am happy. When we lose, I am sad, but my penis doesn’t shrink, and no one dies, so I get over it. Based on the fact that there are 125 division 1 teams, that means my team should win a championship ever 125 years. They have done considerably better than that, so a lack of championships isn’t why I am against them. It’s just they are not real. They weren’t real in the 40s when some teams played less than 8 games, and they aren’t real now. I like debating who was really the best team each year, and wish that ESPN would advocate more inter-conference play during the season, and bowl games played closer to the regular season, and on truly neutral fields/alternating home fields. Then we could debate the 5 or 6 teams that have a claim to the title all off season, and then watch the next season and see what unfolds before claiming a champion.

Biggest edit EVER

My team won the championship that year. After losing in horrible fashion to a team that finished the season unranked. Was Ohio State the best team? I don’t think so. Did they deserve to be champions? No. No one did. No one ever does. Too little games, especially against lesser competition. I believed it when I wrote it, and I believe it now.